Misguided Website Shames Mistresses Instead of Philandering Husbands


One website has taken the notion of public shaming to the next level, with a dose of double standards to boot.

Using the mantra “if you can’t beat them, EXPOSE them,” shesahomewrecker.com encourages women to post information about the “white picket fence destroying women who just can’t seem to let go of your husbands and boyfriends … Don’t forget to include photos!”

Sticking to (un)ethical guide posts similar to revenge porn, She’s a Homewrecker publishes picture after picture of “other women,” including their full name, city and sometimes other personal information (like phone numbers). Its Facebook page, currently with 244,000 likes, posts Your eCards pictures with phrases like “I’m sorry. I swore it was Slap a Dumb B—- Day” and stories from readers about their helpless husbands’ “home-wrecking whores.”

Meanwhile, the philandering men are treated like sympathy-deserving victims of their own biology, physically incapable of resisting the wiles of these…

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