Costa Rica with an open mind, with observation, with gratitude

Jacquelyn's Travels

It’s funny the way the best lessons are learned when we least expect them. Maybe it’s because at those instances, we have a completely open mind, untainted by any pre-formed bias or outside information.

I was pleased to discover that my 5AM shuttle from San Jose to Tortuguero this morning was actually part of a one-day tour. I think it was because there weren’t enough people on my shuttle so they combined it with a day tour operated by another company.

The shuttle bus driver was a quirky, large man who spoke good English and would often ask us some random questions, like “why are the mountains green, but appear blue?,” and “why are the clouds white?” He continued to tell us jokes and random bits of trivia along the way. But after breakfast, as we were driving along the beautiful tree-lined streets, he turned to us and asked, “If…

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