A Ray of Hope……


Ray of hope

When all you see is dark everywhere,
And one day you are actually depressed.
When all the roads leads to the dead end,
And all you feel is distressed.
Just be at peace, move ahead in order to cope,
because at every corner,
a shine of light will be your ray of hope.

This hope is an urge to Keep on going,
When you are too tired and weak,
When You have lost it all, and its just no use,
You just have to find someone to speak.
Just live in that moment and deny to mope,
because the person at that time,
will be your living hope.

Do not loose the hope in your heart,
even when you falter in fear and doubt.
When everything at your work falls apart,
Even on the days success seem far throughout.
Just have faith in yourself, & don’t wait for someone

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