Rembrance Day (Memorial Day to my neighbours in the USA)

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This isn’t a photo post today, and this isn’t a political one, either.  If you see a member of the military, either active or inactive (because they never do go “retired”), thank them.  You may not agree with some of the wars that have been fought – heck, I don’t buy some of the reasons, either – but you know what?  They probably didn’t, either.  Apart from the Conscription Crisis of 1917 and the Conscription Crisis of 1944, both which were so short-lived and laughable that they barely count, Canada has always been a volunteer force; that means that, even when our people didn’t necessarily agree with the official reasons from Ottawa, they said (or are saying now) “hey, I signed up to serve my country, and I’ll do my duty.”

And it’s for THAT dedication and sacrifice that I’m asking you to thank them.

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