6 Tips And Tricks To Help You Find The One

Thought Catalog

Imagine the scene; you’re at your local bar, sipping something strong and heavy. You look up and see the man of your dreams, strutting over to a bar stool near you. He buys you a drink, you start chatting to one another and suddenly all the main lights shut off and a big neon sign with flashing arrows appears with the caption “the one”. You swap numbers. 60 years later you live on a vineyard in southern France, you’ve been married for 50 years with this man, and you two have several grandchildren. Thank God for that neon sign right!? Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that; the dreamboat who sits next to you at your local watering hole isn’t always the one. However there are some tips and tricks to help you find your soul mate, here’s six of them:

1. Be happy with yourself first.

No-one, regardless of them…

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