some moments

on the doorposts



some moments are all: woohoo i put on ice skates today and skated around the pond with the boys with no falling, and “mommy we won’t laugh at you if you fall because we love you.”

some moments are: an email from an old friend whose husband is ill; they found a mass on his lungs.

some moments are: i’m meeting new people and reaching out and talking and perchance making new friends.

some moments are: missing a comfortable easy place

some moments are: stretching and pulling and painfully revealing

some moments are: little boys snuggled in to listen to pirate stories

some moments are: leafy greens because i know i should

some moments are: steaming tea with too much homemade super sweet creamer because it is just delicious

just a million little moments i can soak in or miss all on a monday.



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