Stefano Faravelli


As a last-minute addition to the concluding days of my winter break, I went back down to Ancona (there’s a long story that goes along with this decision, which I hope to develop and shed light to in the next couple of posts).  While there, I went to visit my favorite bookowner in my favorite art bookstore.  Not only did I learn that I sold a couple of artworks that I left hanging there a while back, but I found a new illustrated travel diary upon the shelves.

And not just any travel diary.  Something good, really good.

Let me introduce you to Stefano Faravelli, a talented Italian artist, traveler, and teacher.  Born in Torino in 1959, he studied Fine Arts at the University of Torino, and then worked as a painter, marionette maker, and stage designer at the Teatro del Sensibili.  Pursuing his childhood interest in nature and the…

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