Toronto Weather – As Bad as it Seems

Baby, Put On Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Today I wanted to talk about Toronto’s weather. Maybe that seems a little bit random to you, especially if you’re someone who lives in Toronto, so you have to realize first and foremost that I’m from Ottawa originally. The home of snow and ice and coldness. The halfway point of freezing temperatures in the steady plunge towards Montreal. I was born with a cold tolerance that somehow, in no uncertain way, I have completely lost in the last year and a half of school in Toronto.

I get it. The country makes fun of Toronto all the time for being wimps when it comes to winter. Hardly a newscast can go by without the next day being forecasted as extreme weather warning (at -20 degrees, amateur really) or deadly onslaughts of flurries or freezing rain. At home these ‘extreme temperatures’ rarely even stop school busses. I even would still wear…

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