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Inspiration is something so often, and too often exclusively, attached to creative pursuits such as writing.  But I think it’s something that troubles so many of us.  Choices are simple, from the point of view that when the time comes for any choice we all know better than anyone else which to make.  Even if in hindsight we can see it as being the wrong choice.  And subsequently learn from it.  The inspiration which leads to a choice being necessary is entirely less predictable.  Waiting for it can be frustrating.  In the waiting lies indecision.  Impatience.  Impotence.  Because during the time between one choice and another, we can decide on how the former went and what we’ll do when it’s time to act on the latter; but know so many things can happen of our choosing and not in the meantime which will change the choice we’ll have to make. …

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