Gangster Squad Reviewed


Emma Stone posterOne of the first scenes in Gangster Squad pretty much sums up the tone of the entire movie. Less than five minutes in, while i was happily munching away on my popcorn and sipping on my Pepsi i was greeted to the image of a thug being chained to two vehicles and subsequently being torn apart as they rushed in opposite directions. I nearly choked on a particularly solid kernel.

The rest of the film proceeds in much the same way with numerous other thugs get stabbed, shot and body parts sliced off. So far then it’s a basic mobster movie with plenty of violence and mayhem.

Sadly, or thankfully depending on your personal tastes, the rest of the brutality never quite matches up to the amazing, or disturbing, promise of that opening sequence.

With countless bodies in its wake and plenty of bullets and explosions flying around Gangster Squad is…

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