I am a christian, I don’t know and that’s okay.

Kyle Liggitt

Why is it so hard for us to admit it? Why do I always have to have an answer?

As a follower of Christ I feel I so often HAVE to have the answer. No matter the question and whether I have any such knowledge on the subject or situation I feel I NEED to answer. 

Why does God allow children in India to live in hunger and suffering? I don’t know. 

Why does God allow for such quarreling and strife between certain people groups or ethnic backgrounds? I don’t know. 

Why did God allow the holocaust? I don’t know. 

Yet, even though I know the answer is that I don’t know; I pretend. I regurgitate some sort of “holy” answer in the hopes that if I present it with the right words it will make that person feel better and satisfied for the moment. 

“Well, you know the good…

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