We Remember Them: Holocaust Memorial Day January 2014

Remembering The Holocaust

Holocaust logo For ignorance is the evil in which we need to seek to destroy, because not knowing means we cannot teach others. Learning today, teaching tomorrow will help prevent persecution everywhere.

On the 27th of January, Wales marked Holocaust Memorial Day with a National Service of Remembrance at Cardiff City Hall. This was the first year I was aware that such an event was held in Cardiff. The service was led by Reverend Stewart Lisk and consisted of songs, prayers, poems and speeches from those affected by, the Holocaust and those who are actively working to end discrimination and persecution in the UK. Carwyn Jones, the First Minister spoke in Welsh. The service reminded me that many diverse countries with different languages, became home to evacuees and survivors of the Nazi Atrocities. Hearing Rabbi Michoel Rose reading a traditional Hebrew Memorial Prayer was really interesting and very fitting for the…

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Gangster Squad Reviewed


Emma Stone posterOne of the first scenes in Gangster Squad pretty much sums up the tone of the entire movie. Less than five minutes in, while i was happily munching away on my popcorn and sipping on my Pepsi i was greeted to the image of a thug being chained to two vehicles and subsequently being torn apart as they rushed in opposite directions. I nearly choked on a particularly solid kernel.

The rest of the film proceeds in much the same way with numerous other thugs get stabbed, shot and body parts sliced off. So far then it’s a basic mobster movie with plenty of violence and mayhem.

Sadly, or thankfully depending on your personal tastes, the rest of the brutality never quite matches up to the amazing, or disturbing, promise of that opening sequence.

With countless bodies in its wake and plenty of bullets and explosions flying around Gangster Squad is…

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Google Acquiring Israeli Startup That Uses Sound-Based Password Technology

CBS San Francisco

MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS SF) — Google is buying a company that hopes to do away with online passwords by using sound-based technology. The Silicon Valley giant’s latest acquisition is Israeli security startup, Slick Login. The company has a website that generates a nearly-silent, high-frequency sound, which his then verified by a smartphone app that confirms with its own high-frequency sound.

Given the onslaught of retailer account hacking stories, interest in online security is quickly growing. Google has not divulged the price of the acquisition, but CNET reported on Sunday that the deal is said to be valued at several million dollars.

CNET’s report also stated the new technology could replace traditional password methods or could double up as part of a two-part authentication process.

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Flowers #5282C, 5283E, 5283C, 191C, 183G, 5275C, 183E & 183C


February 15, 2014

In the midst of a somewhat severe winter, with lots of snow and below normal temperatures, I was recently asked to post some spring flowers, which in my neck of planet Earth means Tulips, Crocus, Irises, Lilies Of The Valley, Hyacinths and Daffodils.  Searching though ten thousand photos of flowers that I have on my computer, I found only a few of those flowers, however none of which stood out as being a great photo, something deemed worthy of posting.  I ended up searching though another couple thousand 4×6 prints of flowers, looking for something decent, before settling on what appears before you.

These eight photographs, in all actuality only five originals, the other three merely cropped, are far from being some of my best work.  They are posted only to fulfill a request from a special, life long friend.  And who am I to turn down…

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Where did the years go?



My last blog post was about my short stay in Venice back in 2012!  So much has happened since then, and I really neglected this blog. My bad! Looking back at my entries, it’s crazy thinking that I started this blog just a few days after my 23rd birthday. I turn 26 this year.

Where did the years go?

Just thought I’d post about the end of 2012, some stuff about 2013, and a couple things about this year.  


Okay, I was in Venice in August. I can’t remember anything too special about September. I mean, Germany(Stuttgart) has something called, Cannstatter Volkfest that happens every year, but I wasn’t able to go with my friends that year. I did, however, go with the family.

October is a different story. I went to my first, that’s right, first Halloween get together/party! I would post a picture of my…

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